My Xbox 360 Might be Dying

    I think my xbox 360 is about to die. It crashes on startup when i turn on the 360 and then the controller (done this twice tonight). It has also crashed 4 times while trying to start a race in PGR3 (the same race, it might be that race so ill try another one). It was really getting hot earlier though (its on a wooden surface away from everything with a draft from a window blowing on it, the temp in my room at the mo is 25 degrees.

    I've had this thing 4 months so its still in warranty but i really dont want it to die, even though it should mean i get a new xbox 360 with the quiter drive but it means having to go to my local gamestation to get a new one.

    Im just waiting for the red lights of death to appear to nail the coffin shut.....


    Have you prepared a funeral?

    i'm on my 3rd xbox 360, replaced my previous one on Friday at because I was getting disc read errors quite frequently it was about 9 months in to its warranty, now i've replaced it my warranty starts again woo :-D

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    I think i'll be taking it back on Wed. I let it cool down for about 15 mins and started playing again, all was fine as i managed to play about 5 races but then during the middle of one it crashed again. I've got the disk read errors a few times as well. Just need to find my reciept now.

    (Read from the internets : Apparently some crashes are caused by the power brick not being cool enough, So some suspend it in the air, Or over small cardboard box or something to prop it up.

    Also when you let it cool down for 15 mins, Did you return it to the dashboard?

    I've been playing my Xbox at 3 hours a time so far and then about 20min shut down (Return to dashboard to cool) and a little break, It gets baking hot within about 1hr though, Despite being well ventilated!

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    Think i've found the problem. I tried to play oblivion and it crashed like a min after it loaded the level. I rearranged my room in preperation for my new 22" monitors arrival (so that i can watch tv from my bed). The xbox wasnt plugged into the wall socket it was plugged into an extention lead, so i plugged it straight into the wall and it seems to have solved the problem. The xbox also seems to be a lot cooler as well.

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    Looks like i might have spoken too soon as i went on PGR3 again and a minute into the race it crashed. I rang up GameStation who said i should bring it in with the reciept and they will test it to see if its faulty, if they can find a fault then ill get a new one.

    EDIT: It crashed again on PGR so i made a film on my phone of it not doing anything until i restart it.
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