My xbox elite keeps saying open tray !!!!

    My xbox elite keeps saying open tray but there is a game in it !!!! What does this mean ??!?


    it means send it back, lol,
    its a common faut and im pretty certain its on microsofts 3yr warrenty, hubbys did it


    put a pillow on the floor and drop it from high up (not joking). or just dont put the pillow but use common sense when dropping it maybe 5-6 inches up (no **** jokes please). this is a simple way of fixing it usually.

    It says that because it can't read the disc's properly, I've had this in the past, Cure is either replace dvd drive or take dvd drive out and clean inside the dvd drive. Take the laser out and clean the laser guide. I've done it in the past and cured the problem by cleaning the dvd drive.

    My friend had this same problem on a 2 year old Xbox, it kept saying open tray when a disc was in it. He rung Microsoft and they quoted him about £60 to fix it, so he just bought another console.
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