Mybooklive- Replaced Twonky with WD media server

    Basically I saw that WD has released a media server for their Mybooklive. With twonky5 being very outdated and twonky7 requiring a new licence I thought I would try their new DLNA server.

    I have successfully installed it, but when I try and play anything through PS3 or Samsung TV nothing loads.
    When trying on ps3 I get the error HTTP 406 (when moving into folders) and everything just says unsupported data.

    Mybooklive has been updated the latest firmware.
    Any help would be appreciated, this link will hopefully help as well.…tml

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    Update : After trying a lot of files it appears it just not does support mp4...that sucks. via ps3

    On samsung tv the support seems to be better. Does anyone know if it has a port to access it on which may improve the settings?

    To access twonky it was ipofmybooklive:9000
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