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Found 14th Sep 2008
We got a subscription for Total Guitar for my hubby in June.
I also had a trial subscription for a gaming magazine with them that I cancelled
like 2 months ago. They kept on taking money for the trial sub. so I emailed them
and got told they would refund me via cheque and that I should cancel the DD so it won´t happen again. I then asked if that will affect my hubby´s Total Guitar sub. and they said it won´t.

So now here´s the problem:
The new issue of Total Guitar was out on friday, we haven´t received it...
So we looked into our account with them online and it says the subscription is cancelled.
I believe it may have to do with the cancelled DD for the other magazine.
But isn´t the "contract" with them for 12 months and you can´t just stop it by cancelling the DD? You´d think they would have sent us an invoice if they can´t take the money via DD?

Sorry this is so long lol but I had to mention everything that has to do with it...

Thanks for the help in advance..
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Normally to cancel a subscription you would just cancel the DD, they will only know you have done this when they request money and it is denied. You should have had 2 seperate DD for the sunscriptions. They normally have a reference number with the DD which is subscription number, it sounds like you cancelled both of the DD or the wrong one. Check your bank details online and you can see active and cancelled DD.
Hm well there was only one when i logged into our online banking.
And I cancelled that.
So you´re saying by cancelling the DD it automatically cancels the subscription?
(without consequences, even though it´s a "contract" for 12 months?)
If your not in a "contract" then they normally advise just cancel DD if you no-longer require the magazine, I imagine they'll send you a letter soon stating that your in a contract and hence need to still pay.

I had 4 magasine subscriptions and 4 seperate DD, i've used myfavouritemagazine but the DD was from the publisher eg. dennis publishing

Find your magasine subscription for Total Guitar and see if it the same as the DD ref you have cancelled.
Well there is no DD anymore on the bank account.
We emailed them explaining the whole thing so I suppose they can just continue
delivering the mag then?
All mag sub´s are for 12 month usually anyway aren´t they? (I know ours is and I´ve never seen any with less than 12 months)
The ones i sign up to are generally 3 months for £1, and i cancel them before they start the 6 monthly DD.

Probably best just to set up another DD.

If your trying to figure out what happend look at an old statement if you see one DD for the combined amount you know there was only one. Or you may see seperate ones? In any case your going to have to reaactivate it or start a new one.
I believe it was a combined one as like I said there was only 1 there to cancel.
The amount just changed from one to another for the different magazines.
I'd write (not email) to the director (not customer services manager) of the company you're dealing with and express the inconvenience and emrrassment caused by this. Hopefully you'll get the guitar subscription free for 12 months as an apology!
I had a similar experience a while ago, I entered into a 12 month sub for the free games from FHM and 2 months later asked them to cancel my Empire Sub, as I'd knowingly entered into the FHM deal for 12 months and felt it only fair to keep up my end of the bargain, low and behold they cancelled both... it's because they combine the DD payments and Subscriber numbers for some reason, you can't get a word of sense of the call centre - best to simply take out anther 12 month sub... at the very least you'll get your freebies again and you might even get quidco...
Thanks for the info flood.
So you´re saying nothing happened even though you went into a 12 month "contract" with them
and cancelled the DD?
I just gave em a call and they reinstated it for me.
Nice of them though to not reply to the email we sent like 4 days ago....NOT

Thanks for the info flood.So you´re saying nothing happened even though … Thanks for the info flood.So you´re saying nothing happened even though you went into a 12 month "contract" with themand cancelled the DD?

They haven't done a damn thing... I was more than willing to subscribe for 12 months too!
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