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Excuse me. I am trying to ask for opinions here please. Planning to rent laptops for 2 months as I only needed it for that period of time. Anybody have any other good ideas?

Thank you in advance
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If it's for like school kids to play on go for it, if it's for personal use just be careful what you do on it. Anything you download onto the hard drive can be recovered even after you delete it, and you should empty the temp directory before you send it back.

It's unlikely the company will recover anything off the harddrive, but it's unlikely they will do what's necessary to securely erase your data because it not only can be time consuming but also hdd's don't live forever and if they did it every time they got one back they would be buying new hdds all the time.

ssd's don't have the same thing, so I guess you'd be better off leasing one with only an ssd. Still empty the temp directory before sending it back though. I have to imagine they check for malware when they receive it back, but perhaps also do a virus scan with malwarebytes (free) when you first receive the laptop.
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