MyGuide 3218 SatNav

    Just been to my local asda. they do Tomtoms for 87 and these ones for 47.…tml

    Is it any good?


    I have the 3218 with UK and EU mapping. First one was useless so it was exchanged and works. Only problem is the company that supplies the software (TurboDog) are no longer in business. I have heard that there are other software options. Try looking on eBuyer site as they sell them as well. Theres a forum on there that can advise you. Good luck.

    ps. I also ordered one from ASDA and they canceled my order as they were all sold out and they didn't notify me. It was only when I checked my bank account that I noticed they had refunded me. I had a moan at them for not telling me and they gave me a £8 e-voucher against further purchases.

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    Brought one today.
    Did not use it yet. But It doesnt look or feel cheap.
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