MyHermes parcel lost / stolen

Posted 17th Jan 2017
So I purchased an expensive item directly from Amazon, however it turned out to be faulty so I used their prepaid collection service to return it to them (MyHermes.) However, the tracking number does not appear to be working, and Amazon have not received the item despite it being sent over 2 weeks ago. The courier did not give me any receipt or proof that he collected the item, and I suspect he did not even scan the item as the tracking number is not working. Since Amazon are looking for tracking proof that I sent it, does anybody have any idea how I can prove it was sent? I am thinking to ask the Hermes driver next time I see him if he remembers collecting a parcel from me (he regularly delivers parcel here) and recording it for proof. Does anybody know if MyHermes use GPS tracking on their drivers? As I am going to need proof that the driver actually collected the parcel (and possibly stole it) as he clearly did not scan the barcode I believe he was supposed to. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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