myHermes Stolen Parcel-Crime Reference Number

Posted 28th Mar 2017
Sent a parcel as I usually do using Hermes,the tracking said the courier had received it on such and such a date,tracking never updated to delivered then the tracking changed and it didn't show any longer as the courier was in receipt of said parcel hmmmm

Contacted Hermes who said it was stolen,I asked for a crime reference number as Hermes said it had been reported to the Police and I doubted it had,I've been fobbed off for days via email by Hermes saying they have been trying to obtain the number then today somebody else emails me and now says they don't give out reference numbers it's dealt with internally and I'd have to contact the Police myself.

This doesn't ring true to me as I don't see why if my parcel was stolen they won't provide the reference number,has anybody else encountered this at all?
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