Mysterious douwe Egbert coffee shortages

Found 22nd Apr 2018
I’ve been a smooth caramel coffee drinker for years. And suddenly most of the flavoured coffee has disappeared from shelf’s and a lot of the other types in that brand. Didn’t find anything on the net. Anyone have any more luck finding any clues please. Thanks
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Perhaps coffee bean shortages again.
Edited by: "cmdr_elito" 22nd Apr 2018
Maybe , since it is from a single company , something happened the the brand (money?)
I couldn't find the DE hazelnut coffee in tescos the last couple of times I've looked and they used to stock it.
Either they stop trading with the uk or they gone bust. I need my caramel coffee. I won’t pay no coffee shops prices,
Think a company called oldtown has taken over. They sell hazelnut in that brand but not caramel
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