Mystery shopper scam BEWARE

    Today I received a very realistic email from Impact Mystery Shopping LIve Ltd who offered me a job with them checking on stores etc. There is a company of this name so I replied to the email without giving away too many details.
    A few hours later I received an acceptance email asking for my bank details (again) and mentioning a transfer with western union. This made me sit up and take notice as this is one of the biggst scams going at the moment.
    They get you to transfer some money to a relative to test the response times etc, and they intercept the cash with fake I.D.
    I checked on the internet and several people have been conned as it starts as a very convincing email and uses the correct address of the real company.
    I am already a mystery diner so I thought it was a spin-off from that just to make you all aware and keep you safe.
    Much love
    Wendy x


    wendyak how did you become a mystery diner? Pls share..Thx..

    Original Poster

    I got it from here, just put mystery dining in the search box its about 5 items down.


    wish id seen this post earlier before i signed up and sent cash through western union before taking on my new role as mystery shopper.......

    do any actual legitimate companies exist that use western union?

    coz i for 1 have never come across any

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    No, its the most lax money transfer system on the planet and as a bank worker we no longer have anything to do with it. I knew of someone who as scammed on ebay with it when trying to buy a car. The police are fully aware but for some reason powerless.


    do any actual legitimate companies exist that use western union?coz i for … do any actual legitimate companies exist that use western union?coz i for 1 have never come across any

    There are loads, Ladbrokes is one


    i thought western union was a known code word for scam be careful.......

    but appears some people have never been exposed to this online me mum.....she was goin on about how she'd won a free laptop last night ffs



    There are loads, Ladbrokes is one

    i said legitimate companies......not betting....they will take your cash any way possible

    Original Poster

    Yup, never use Western Union they cannot recognise fake I.d. and don't care either.

    Sent thousands via Western Union to China for stock for years, never had a problem....

    People wanting to pay you through WU on ebay is a no no though....


    you can never be too carefull with electronic money transfers, i always use paypal, at least they offer a gaurentee. i always thought western union was a bit dodgey....

    will look into becoming a mystery shopper, sounds like fun!!

    thanks for sharing anyhow.


    Mystery shopper ???............ More like mystery offer............ :whistling:

    Anything to get your account details!!!
    Thats another scam i have to look out for now.
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