Mystery shoppers?

    Please can someone also put up the links to any "mystery shopper" companies that they have done work for and recommend. I can't seem to find any when I search. Thanks.


    you could try grass roots

    i've done quite a few for this company. they pay around £10 each assignment
    the ones i have done are mainly for banks and take around 20mins

    *bump* - Looking For Advice On This Myself, Anyone Help Please?

    Yeh wouldnt mind doing this in my spare time - it would be a laugh

    any reviews on them tho?

    What's a 'mystery shopper'? :oops: You get money for it?

    I have worked for Retaileyes and Gapbuster. Couldnt earn a living from them in my opinion but i used it as a good excuse for a night out if I did pubs and restaurants. Dont forget you are self employed and so it is your responsibility to declare tax and NI contributions.
    Mystery shoppers are contracted by a agency working on behalf of a client ie a pub chain to go in and act as a normal customer and report back on the results through the agency. You get an assignment and have to fulfill certain criteria - maybe purchase a certain type of drink and maybe a meal - you have a spend limit and maybe a fee for filling in the paperwork. You usually have to submit a receipt and are then reimbursed for the cost of the meal along with the fee on a monthly basis
    If anyone wants a referal I can do that for the aforementioned companies (and yes i would get a small 'finders fee')
    also try googling Mystery shoppers or secret shopper for more details
    ABA research and counterintelligence are a couple more i can think of off the top my head
    Check what you actually get for the job tho - IMO ther is no point having to buy something you dont need in order to get a small amount of money - fun shop but not good for your finances

    Optimum contact is another one to try. My workplace is waiting for a visit from someone from them. Bit scary, just hoping we get a good score

    anyone heard of market republic? They any good?

    I do mystery shopping, I will never get rich, pay is poor, but gives me something to do when my daughters are training. Gapbuster [as mentioned before] have quite a few jobs, better if you live out of the way of large towns.The towns go quickly, but if you live in a more remote area, the jobs tend to stay around longer. Hope this helps.

    that's great thank you. Have just signed up with gapbuster. Be good for a bit if extra cash, and will get me out the house!!
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