Have you ever done it?


    Been shopped, and done shopping. I work in a car dealership.

    Yep, did it a few times for Grass Roots. Mystery shop banks and a couple of stores. Only got £10 for each time - got bored of doing the same things over and over.

    yep-wife and me both do it.

    Not allowed to do asda cos I work there in case we are bias but do all the other major supermarkets regularly.

    where do you apply for mystery shopping

    Can't tell you.

    Yh I did it but just the once with 'Retail eyes' got paid and everything but just seemed like a lot of effort for a little pay...although u often get a meal etc. too:thumbsup:

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    Have applied for grassroots how often did you get assignments??

    ive not done it, but have been mystery shopped myself (many years ago!) and i scored 10/10. My work gave me a bonus for it I was well chuffed!

    yeh iv'e done it in the past, real good fun. i had to do pizza express and it was wicked. my meal all paid for then got paid on top (AMAZING)

    Used to so NOP stuff - some of it was tedious (spent several weeks it felt like in post office queues, and the complex bank ones like mortgage enquiries took forever and then you had to deal with follow-up calls for months afterward) but some was good fun.
    The restaurant and pub ones are the best as at least you get fed/watered and gain something from it other than the pathetic pay which at times barely covered the fuel bill

    Every time I go into town its for mystery shopping, cos its a mystery to what I'll come back with (usually anything but the thing I went for in the first place)

    sounds interesting, do you have to do some sort of report or just tick boxes?

    The best one to do assignments for is Gapbuster - they do KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Subway and loads more...…op/

    Happy shopping

    Not done it but have been mystery shopped in my job. Suss them out every time! I swear you can smell them coming in!!

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    I signed up for grassroots on tuesday and gap buster yesterday and already have 2 assignments... 1 for KFC (poorly paid, but cant complain about getting paid to eat chicken) and one for barclays (surprisingly well paid)
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