mystical ball- how do they do it.

Ok, this one has had me baffled for a long time and i thought you HUKDers might be able to figure it out.

The magic ball always knows the Number you thought of!!!!!!

How do they do it????:thinking:


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]I knew the answer to this, but it seems the mystic ball has erased it from my memory:| [/SIZE][/FONT]

I have no idea how it works but no doubt it will be a basic maths sequence. When the list is reset, the answer is always the symbol next to 0.

Rather simple when you know.

The symbols change each time and theres only certain numbers you can get, i.e. even, you will never got odd numbers to subtract, so it works it out.

You always get a number divisible by nine, therefore 9,18,27 etc are all the same symbols.
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