lawl, they need a slap!

ye i ahte ebay now, used to be able to buy something pay straight away, u would get an email from the seller the day afyer sayin its been posted, positives all round

those were the days ay


frickin lady sellers!!

init, there on the increase as well, they need to be contained!


and they say females are good at multi tasking.... i don't believe a word … and they say females are good at multi tasking.... i don't believe a word of it!

ofc they can multitask, they can rip off multiple men simaltaneously dont cha know


OI! :x

your exempt when im insulting women x x

Smeagol your exempt when im insulting women x x

[COLOR="Red"]inb4 the eBay hate.

Edit: Oh wait....[/COLOR]

In b4 any childish liars.... ooops too late :roll:


a bit harsh

shes special :-D

once i got one ebayer sending me shoes but no frigging laces. when i asked her, she said she was disabled and it would really difficult for her to get one! lame excuse, no pun intended.


You must pick some bad sellers and not read feedback 1st.
In all the years on ebay I HAVE NEVER had slow service late payments or anything wrong with my goods just good honest sellers and to say buyers.
I have over 1000 purchases.
It seems everybody loves to slate somebody nowerdays.:whistling::thumbsup::santa:

Could the post have been slow..............................I think so
Have you forgot something when youve packed a parcel and gone S*** shall I open it up...............no cant be bothered.
Dont always think the worst a polite email and ask, it does not cost anything, only the stress you suffer.

One thing that's buggin me about ebay just now - I sold something a few weeks back, and paypal put the payment on hold for either 3 weeks or until the buyer left positive feedback. Not necessarily a bad thing, so I posted the item special delivery the next day, so the buyer would've had it the day after. The only problem was, the buyer didn't leave feedback at all, which meant I was waiting 3 weeks for the money!!! After the 2nd week I even sent a message to ask for feedback (didn't ask for positive, just asked for feedback), and they still didn't leave any!!

I can understand the 3 week rule so as to give the buyer time to raise a dispute, but if there's no problem and the buyer doesn't leave feedback, it just penalises the seller unfairly!!!


I don't get the second comment in the original post? What was the auction for, what was supplied?



an external hard drive enclosure. in side the case you have two cables … an external hard drive enclosure. in side the case you have two cables that attach to the drive... the data and the power.. power one was missing.

Ahh right, I was confused by the external hard drive needing internal connectors Got it now!

so ... was it a good deal, and how much did it cost incl p&p - coz the one at the shops are about £40+!
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