N-Band Wireless Modem Router

    Now in my household we run quite a few gadgets on the internet and the old Netgear DG834Gv4's starting to choke, so I'm in the market for an upgrade.

    Now I watched that Gadget Show countdown a while back but of course that may be a little outdated now and I'm not taking their word as gospel obviously. Still, that D-Link DIR-825 still seemed to be a nifty bit of kit and something like it would be ideal.

    So, can anyone here help point out a good modem/router combo that could handle several simultaneous connections quite well? I'm not looking to pay through the nose but I'm not after el cheapo crappo either. £60-£80's pretty much the area I'm looking at, with £100 being top whack if it's worth it.


    i bought a belkin play max recently and i'm really happy with it.... it allows the main users to get 5mhz network which can be locked so no one else see's it, then it has a standard network and a guest network too...
    I know not everyone's a fan of belkin but just giving you my opinion.... also, i have it running on my sky network...

    I paid £60 from the well known auction site
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    I have a D-LINK DIR-615 300Mbps Wireless N 4 ports.

    Connect it one of the four ports of your current router to the ethernet on this and you have extra bandwidth at the cost of running two routers, but without the expense of a PLAY MAX etc.
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