N64 - can you sell these in game/gamestation?

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Found 22nd Feb 2008
Hi guys

Just seen the GBA (pink) advertised and would like one for my daughter.(honest its not for me....)
anyway I was wondering if you can trade in older consoles or if its better to just sell them.
I have a blue limited edition N64 with a GIGANTIC picachu on the front.
I also have 6 unboxed games;
Mario Kart
Mortal Kombat
Rally (something)

Ok would i get anything for it?
Is there anywhere on site I can get a quote?


at gamestation, there are even old snes games being sold/trade to them, so I can't see why you can't sell n64 to them (theres 2 on display when I last went there :D)
I have no idea on the price though, so if it is rubbish, you are probably better off selling... say here.

They sell them in similiar bundles for around £20 so I wouldn't go expecting too much for it, especially as your games are unboxed...

I know CEX will trade them.


not sure if the offer of the GBA pink will be instore, not always:thumbsup:

They will accept any console old or new.

If you do get her a GBA i've got A Bugs Life and Harry potter Chamber of Secrets unboxed games for sale

You'll be able to trade them, but you will getting nowhere near it's worth - you are better selling on here or ebay, or privately.

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thanks guys:thumbsup:
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