after seeing the deal for the n770 and doing research i decidied i wanted the new one, however there is a HUGE price difference, any one know where i can look for hte cheapest one



    You could be looking at £200 price difference on some sites.

    For that kind of money consider a really good mobile phone or a laptop. Also consider an Archos 605wifi (released in 2 weeks)

    Better still buy a nokia n770 and if it fits your bill upgrade, if not sell it on ebay for close to what you paid for it.

    Like you I wondered about the N800, unlike you I did a google search and realised the price was just crazy.

    aye - I'm still looking!

    For what it's worth - these seem to be fantastic little devices - but looking around I'm starting to question whether or not it'd be better to go with a UMPC or the Pepper Pad 3.
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