N81 on O2 internet bolt on, can i use the internet on the laptop

    as the title, got unlimited internet, but would like to use it on my laptop.

    is there a way to do this?



    Look for a tethering option in Nokia PC Suite.

    As Mittu says, use Nokia PC Suite and then select the one touch access feature.

    be careful as unlimited internet browsing doesn't include using your phone as a modem....don't get caught out.

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    so it will cost me more?


    so it will cost me more?

    No it won't, what he means is if you start downloading movies on your phones connection they will know and either cut you off or charge you. There is a fair usage policy which means you will probably only get a few GB before your downloads attract attention. You won't have a problem if you're just surfing on it.

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    thanx for all the help. worth a try. plead insanity when they finally catch up.
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