N82 Sim free

    Anybody know where I can pick up a cheap one of these?

    Cheapest I have found that isnt a dodjy site is play for £329.99


    if you live anywhere near manchester thers a shop right next to picadilly station which sells them for £230 unlocked (any network). not sure if old or new but they offer guarantee and the one i saw looked new

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    Sure thats not the N81?

    nope, definately the N82, the 5megapixel one with that carl blah blah lens and stuff, i know about my phones

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    Dont think id trust something that is just over half the RRP has to be a catch in there somewhere

    na no catch, its a lajitament shop and have been in business for years, they buy and sell phones on a regular basis and go out of stock and restock very quickly, ul have to chek the shop if u dont believe me

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    Im not saying i dont beleive you, but even the Asia imports are going for £290 theres no way there isnt a catch if they are undercutting the knock offs by £60


    Seems like the cheap way to get this phone is via USA.

    Brand spanking new, sim free. black Version comes to about £230.00

    All you need is a good mate in America or someone you know whose going to pick one up for you.

    Im after one of these too and the cheapest i can find is at shop for £315 delivered.....

    I also found a £30 code for this which expired on 31st March, just my luck.......

    Any other decent deals anyone knows of would be great as id like to avoid buying from ebay if poss
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