bottom line is that my battery keeps dyin on me after little use, its only 1200mah but anybody know about bigger battery sizes, maybe a 2000 or something??? well doin me nut in! cheers ppl


    let the battery totally discharge then charge it with phone off for 3 hours (until full)
    if you do this a couple of times it will recondition the battery
    i would also suggest buy another battery and desktop charger, then 1 on charge 1 in phone

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    dont really wanna buy a desktop charger as then i gotta carry a battery round with me in work and i work as a FLT driver so if it blows in me pocket im bo***ckesd! how does it sort the batt out doin tha mate? surely it wont hold more info - the batt and phone is only 2months old!

    cant really explain, but if the battery wasn't properly charged 1st time it will not hold for as long. the best way to fix is discharge and fully charge with phone off a couple of times, thats why desktop charger is good idea, you can charge 1 battery while still using phone
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