N95 8GB general memory full problem

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Found 27th Aug 2009
A while back I posted a request for some help on fixing a problem of sending texts and the error message of general memory full. quit some applications and try again.
Well I fixed it - but forgot to post my solution. Since working out how to do it good old O2 replaced my handset and I had to upgrade the software etc etc and 2 months on I get the same error - so here is my fix
Back up all your data
Upgrade your software from the Nokia site - this wipes everything. O2 have since said that *#7370# sets everything back to factory settings and I have in fact used this this time but it was on a new phone - on an older one I would upgrade from Nokia
Then restore your data - DO NOT RESTORE YOUR SETTINGS FOLDER as this contains some corrupt data. All other files appear to be ok to restore
Then check you can send texts like you could before you got the error message!
Reading round the net this appears to be a fairly common problem but I couldnt find a solution without it going for repair and losing all my data.
O2 say it is not a known fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it doesnt happen very often - Well that makes me the really really unlucky person as its happened twice with 2 different phones
Hope this helps someone


Never had this problem on my N95 8gb...strange...maybe your just an unlucky chap....... ; o )

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Never had this problem on my N95 8gb...strange...maybe your just an … Never had this problem on my N95 8gb...strange...maybe your just an unlucky chap....... ; o )

i sent a message to a friend and it said it was queued. Then they text me to say they were getting the same text over and over and then it failed. Then I couldnt send ANY text to anyone. tried battery and sim card out and ranting and raving. Phoned o2 today who gave me a whole load of cobblers about having to reset the phone to factory settings on a regular basis as part of general maintenance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
told them it wouldnt work, and that they were talking tosh! and that if they were right and i was wrong i would ring and apologise BUT would def ring them if I was right!!! - the phone is ready and waiting for an 8am call!!!

btw - im a girlie!!

and if youve never had the problem - keep fingers crossed that you never experience it
or google the error message and find out more!
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