N95 any good?

    Hi Guys
    Just been offered one of these with my new contract.
    Im a way behind on the techno babble so just want to know
    if its any good?

    I have read some reviews that were good.
    Does anyone have one and is it easy to use?
    Any feedback would be very helpful.


    I've got one and very pleased with it. It is bulky but not suprisingly as it has so much stuff on. To be honest I don't use all the different things. The photos are excellent and as long as you read the guidelines on battery life it lasts a lot longer than people say. Definately the best phone I've had

    I've had one for a year now and I still love it! Full of features with great camera, the only negative was the battery life (less than 24hrs between charges) but I recently updated the firmware and it is much much better now, A new N95 should have the latest firmware pre-installed.
    Loads of great software available (especially if you don't mind using things like bittorrent!), i have installed TomTom on mine as the nokia GPS system is not great.
    Highly recommend!

    Oh..nearly forgot to add, It's really easy to use!

    its the one phone they wont do a great deal on because its good if its for business or pleasure despite the size

    Hmmm. I've had one a few months, and wouldn't want something else at this moment in time (apart from maybe the 6500 slide). It's good, but maybe too good.

    I think it's the Ronaldo of phones. Lots of tricks and fancy bits that can get quite annoying and often makes mistakes but is the best phone out there.

    I have had mine since november, and so far so good! Ive read about the screen freezes, sad battery life...etc... but to be honest, the battery life could be better, but will do me fine and I must have a gudun, coz my screen hasnt frozen yet!!! (wait for it, sods law, Im probably not gonna be able to use it tommorrow now!!!). Im fully charging it maybe every other day, and I use the camera a lot! and the alarm! I havent used the sat nav, coz Im scarred of accidently downloading loads of expensive data!
    Overall a cracking phone, IMHO!!!!!:-D

    I thought it was a really good phone when I had it, couldn't beat it.

    Downside: Battery didn't last long.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys! Rep added for your trouble!


    I recently upgraded on my Vodafone contract and had quite a high quote for the phones I could have, but the N95 has held it's price so I would have had to pay £110 for it...

    That says to me that Nokia must have done something right for it to hold it's price for so long.

    However, as I couldn't afford £110, I settled for this...

    Very nice phone actually, as I had heard horror stories about Samsungs and the missis has the dreaded E900 (touch buttons that have a mind of their own), But, the touchscreen on this is fine once calibrated to how you would use it and the touch sensitive buttons auto lock whilst you're on a call to stop the cheek hangup etc

    Would recommend it.

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    What Samsung is this?

    It's the Samsung F490
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