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    I know its possible, not sure how to do it though - but how do you view the delivery report of a deleted sent message? A friend of mine had my phone and managed to find out the time and date of a message I sent, that was no longer in my sent items, but wouldn't tell me how he did it, any ideas??? I have delivery reports defaulted to off and only keep the last 20 sent items in my sent items folder. I have the N95 8Gb if that makes a difference.



    Turn delivery reports on! Then at the messages menu, you will see Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items... Delivery Reports is the last option.

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    No.... I know how to turn delivery reports on, but theres a certain way of obtaining the delivery report of a deleted sent item... its that which i'm trying to work out!


    Log Menu > Last Item (Press Right Navigation Button a few times...)

    Should show you recent received and sent messages and calls e.g will say Voice for calls and SMS for Messages... when you click on one it will tell you when it was sent... However this is not a delivery report it will just tell you when you actually sent the message not when they received it or even if it was ever received...

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    Nice one, I stumbled across this myself a few minutes before you posted, but thank you anyway
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