n95 unlock code?

    Hi Guys,

    Ive nearly finished the end of my contract with orange and they're not giving me the unlock code. I thought that all networks would give this code out at the end of a contract upon request? Anyway does anyone know how much this will cost anyway? Orange quoted me £30.00



    Only the network you're on can give you the code.This works great in the … Only the network you're on can give you the code.This works great in the N95 though:'s you use it on any network, I can confirm this works in both my N95's one locked to T Mobile and one locked to Vodaphone, also works in my Nokia 6680, my SE W810 and my Samsung D500.

    These do work on most phones, but beware .... if the SIM card slides into the phone like on my Nokia 6300 & 6500 slide, then it will not work. If it is locked in with a "door" then it will. Also you have to cut your SIM card. If you go for this, you are best to practice the cutting on an old SIM card first.

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    Thanks for the comments guys, Ill check it out and see what i can get

    You could try calling Orange after the contract's finished. I called t-mobile for an unlock code for a phone I had with them (contract finished a few months ago) and they said it would be £15 normally, but as I was no longer a customer it was free...
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