N96 Contract

    Hi guys,

    First post so please be gentle.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any particularly good deals on the Nokia N96?

    I wanted to pay around 25 - 30 quid per month and I wanted the phone free and the internet with it. Also wanted some half decent text/call package. Are there any good packages that anyone has seen or does anyone have a good contract that they can point me in the right direction.

    Had a look on the O2 website but the 35 quid tarriff is naff because you have to pay over 200 quid for the phone.

    Any help greatly appreciated



    Try this site for searching, use the tables to suit your budget/needs


    The cheapest contract per month im gettting is £33.71 per month for 18 month and 900 mins anynetwork and unlimited texts. Works out at £606.83 for whole 18 month contract.

    Original Poster

    That's great

    Thanks for your help every1!!!!:thumbsup:
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