N96 on Orange, has anyone managed to get a free upgrade?

    I've been on an Orange contract for years (£55 p/m 12 month Panther contract) and I currently have an n95 which I've had for well over a year so I've been waiting until the n96 came out to upgrade, I was told that as a band 5 high user (I've spent about £1200 in the last 12 months) any phone would be free. After weeks of ringing it's finally out and available for upgrade but they've told me they can't waiver the upgrade cost of £100!!! I was just wondering if anyone else has managed to get a free n96 upgrade from Orange? I know the cost will drop eventually but I don't really want to wait another 3 months!



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    Does anyone know if there's a way to keep my number as they usually say you can't open a new contract with the same company and transfer the number? All I can think to do is get a free PAYG sim on another network and then transfer it back to Orange but that seems like a lot of messing around!! Any ideas?


    i personally think you're getting shafted by your operator

    £100 per month average costs!!!

    How many months/weeks before your current contract finish? You might get a better deal if you ask for your PAC code.

    When does your contract finished, if you are out of your contract period. I guess you have 2 pay a min of £19.99 regardless of how valuable you are, as there selling like hotcakes!

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    I'm out of contract period. They said they wouldn't even do the n96 on a 12 month contract though and must admit not keen on going on an 18 month as get bored with phones so quickly! :-D

    Carphone Warehouse will upgrade your phone for the same cost as a new connection.
    So if you are on £45 or over tariff, it will be free.

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