Found 8th Mar 2007
I was just wondering if any one on here owns a nabaztag and if so what they think of it, as i was just thinking how many people had one as they are such wierd things.;-) if you dont know what they are here some more info……tml

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I know it is better late than never but I just bought the second version of it It was just tenner at my local Pissyworld, so I couldn't resist and bought two of them

I have one.

Kommunist where did you see the nabaztag/tag for £10?!?! )*&%$£! that's a bargain

I was shocked when I saw the price tag. Not sure if this is manager's deal or nationwide promotion though. Manager said that no one wanted to buy these rabbits and therefore it was reduced to clear. There were about 10 rabbits.
The store is in Northampton center (not, strictly speaking, local to me but I just happened to be there this morning). I think it is called St James but I might be wrong.

A question to you: what is the difference between Nabaztag and Nabaztag/tag?

Nabaztag/tag has a belly button Well that's the visual way to tell them apart. Basically it has a microphone so you can give voice commands. The commands are limited to seven pre-set ones though so to be honest it doesn't really matter unless you have a desire to tell your nabaztag "weather" and have it tell you the weather.

Thanks for the tip on PC World - I'll drop by a close one to see if they have them too. At £10 it makes a good gift

I asked store manager if this is nationwide promotion and she told me that this is limited to the store and not nationwide. She was very surprised when I decided to buy 2 of them and said that I was the very first customer who actually bought it at any price.

As to voice commands, does it mean I can't tell it "play Radio Russia"? Looks like there is no other way to get it play webradio does it?

If you go to my.nabaztag you can check if they have Radio Russia - if so you should be able to tell it "radio - radio russia" and it will load it. I haven't really used that because I have my external speakers plugged into my computer anyway (it does have an external speaker jack by its tail btw). Also you have to physically press the button on the top of his head when you give a voice command which kind of takes away the point of having a voice command... unless you had a lot of stations you flip between and had it set up in its own room I guess.

Edit: If you have the second version that's the nabaztag/tag by they way. Just re-reading your post and not sure if we were on the same page.

Eeeep they look a bit creepy to me! :lol:

There's also an API Kommunist and I think people are streaming anything using the API somehow. I haven't looked into it. Also whatever they are serving their API off of is constantly crashing it seems because I use a widget that taps into the API and its always having problems connecting.

Yes, these are nabaztag/tag (need to ask my Armenian friend what does the second "tag" mean. The Nabaztag means "rabbit" in Armenian, apparently.
The box says "The second first wireless rabbit" and model number is NA-RTL-002

As to my.mabaztag, I haven't registered there yet but I think I read somewhere that there is a possibility to add your own streams, right? I haven't had a chance to play with this thing yet, just took it out of box and learned how to connect it to network.

Just went to my local store but didnt have any. If anyone picks up a spare i'd be interested in it. LMK

anyone happen to get a spare one they dont want ?
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