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    Hi. Need a bit of advice. My daughter has been writing her Christmas list and has identified about 14 different Nail Art items that she wants. All are available on a well known website but all of the sellers are from Hong Kong - the majority offering free p&p. Worst still, they are from about 8 different sellers which could increase the risk of problems, me thinks! I'm concerned about possible non receipt of items/customs charges, etc., so I've tried to look for UK based sellers/websites but it is all sooo much more expensive (it makes me question the quality of the HK products). My dilemma: Do I go ahead and order the things she wants and take a chance, or ... something else? I'd be pleased to hear from anyone that has past experience of buying Nail Art from overseas, or who can offer me some advice about where to get some UK sourced Nail Art supplies.


    What about a local nail salon ? We have loads of asian run ones in Bristol who happily sell the nail art sets


    Well nothing to do with nail art, but have ordered 5 things from hong kong from ebay in the past and only received 3 out of the 5. got my money back of course from paypal.. the quality can be good on them but its also a risk.

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    Good idea - my son has a friend at school who's mum runs a beauty salon - I wonder if she could help - might give her a ring. Ta. Don't know why I didn't think of it!
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