name all the actors or famouse poeple with a colour in there name

Found 7th Oct 2009
they must have a colour in there name can also be the charactyers in the film example golden finger
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Jack Black
Cilla Black
Jeff goldblum
Black mouse!
Simply Red
Black gerbil 2
The Jolly Green Giant
Cilla White
Jet Black (the Stranglers drummer)
red Rum
jason Orange
mickey mouse
robson green
the green arrow
robert redford
snow white
Al Green
red riding hood
whoopi goldberg
Barry White :thumbsup:
Black Box
philip greene
Blue :oops:
matt le blanc
roger black
Scarlett Johansson
James Brown
Captain Scarlet
Pink Panther
gordon brown
gordon brown
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Pink Panther - bit late there
Bobbi Brown
Goldie Hawn
Red Adare
Scarlet O Hara
Red Butler
Rusty Lee
Fath Brown
Sarah Green
Sarah Greene
fREDdie flintoff
Joe Brown
James Brown
Chris Brown

All singers

robson green

Mega big drool!
John Belushi
vanessa redgrave
Jada PINKett Smith
June (Dot Cotton) Brown
the red baron
Jack White - White Stripes
red buttons

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