Name of a song wanted !!!!!!!!

    Please help name the song. It is something Shuffle.
    The words go something like a step to the right . Criss cross. Quite catchy. I want to learn the words and perform the song in work for customers...........


    Cha cha slide. DJ casper

    is it the cha cha slide


    Cha cha slide. DJ casper


    perform the song in work?!?!??

    Where would this work be?!

    lol. OP what job do you do ?

    Original Poster

    Brilliant thankyou all, bugged me all night. Rep added to all xx:thumbsup:

    What a g4y song!!!

    Original Poster


    perform the song in work?!?!??Where would this work be?!

    I work in a cafe and we have a laugh with the customers....
    Sometimes Karaoke

    2 things...

    1. You didn't know what that god awful song was?!?!

    2. Why the hell would you want to perform it?
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