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Found 8th Jan 2018
I used to play a card game where you put all the cards from the pack on the table face down and you would turn 2 cards up (one after the other) from any where on the table, and if they match in number (not suit), then you have won those 2 cards. If they don't match, then you turn both cards back face down and leave them in their original position on the table.

This continues until all the cards are gone from the table and the player who has won the most cards wins.

It is a memory card game as you need to remember where you last saw that matching card you need on the table to win the pair of cards.

Anyone know the name of this card game?
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Game called memory. In our household we call it 'find the pair'.
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RiverDragon82 m ago

Game called memory.

Given the question I'm willing to bet OP wasn't very good.
RiverDragon83 m ago

Game called memory.

lol, as simple as that! i thought you were winding me up with that answer

Called pairs in my house
Back in the 70’s my Nan used to call it ‘fish’
It's called Pelmanism.
We call it concentration or pairs.
We call it remember remember
Eden003221 m ago


it's definitely not snap as i remember snap. in snap, you don't put all the cards on the table. if i remember correctly, in snap, the players hold the cards and when displayed, you have to shout snap when they match, and whoever shouts first or put their hands on the cards first get to keep the cards.

snap does not rely on memory but how quick you are at shouting snap and slapping your hands over the matched pair to claim them.

it is a great game to play with your mates.
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