name some good films

    i have some of them accounts with blockbuster,and im running out of films to watch, can you name some good films, i like all sorts really


    wizard of oz :thumbsup:

    pitch black
    40 year old virgin
    V for vendetta
    Cars (even after 40 watches with my son I still love it lol)

    Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now
    Taxi Driver
    Midnight Cowboy
    Terror Storm…216
    The Life Of Brian

    Some very good ones have already been mentioned, also try

    Children of Men (best cinema release of 06 IMHO)
    Lord of War
    Dark City
    15 minutes

    Original Poster

    thanks lads keep them coming,can i recommend

    the wind that shakes the barley:absolutly amazing,research it now and read the synopsis

    The Pianist
    Children Of Men

    Pulp Fiction
    The Green Mile
    Human Traffic

    thats about all I can think of so far!! All quality films imo! :thumbsup:

    The Life Aquatic
    Punch Drunk Love
    Old Boy

    Original Poster

    the hurricane is my fav film,anyone seen it

    my fav dirty dancing :-D :oops:


    the hurricane is my fav film,anyone seen it

    Nope, but I've just looked at IMDB and it definately looks like it's worth watching. Denzel Washington's in the lead role which is always a good sign, I've yet to see a film of his I didn't like.

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    whats imdb,you wont regret watching that hurricane:amazing


    whats imdb,you wont regret watching that hurricane:amazing

    It's the Internet Movie Database. Pretty much the most comprehensive source of film info.

    The Warriors
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    whats imdb,you wont regret watching that hurricane:amazing


    It contains info on virtually every film and TV programme ever made, essential if you're at all into films.

    It's A Wonderful Life
    Breakfast at Tiffanys
    Coyote Ugly

    Somthing not so obvious, if you like American Beauty type films, watch Happiness [1998]

    And if you listen to Mark Kermode on 5 Live, he'll tell you Pans Labyrinth. A must watch in the cinema.

    Jack and Sarah
    Sin city
    Stand by me

    Emmanuelle 2
    Nacho libre
    superman returns
    school of rock
    Hot Chick

    Memento is a great film and if you like that youll also like The Prestiege. Its by the same director and is another great film that really makes you think.


    any given sunday
    bull durham
    almost famous

    These are quite good but not sure if they are on DVD yet
    The Departed
    The Prestige
    In Pursuit of Happyness(Cinema only)
    and even though its a cartoon HappyFeet i thought was excellent.

    As mentioned before Hurricane, Leon, Heat are good films
    Training Day (most films with Denzel Washington are good except for the one with short British actor from who killed Roger Rabbit)

    These you've probably seen Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings, Terminator (original 1), Matrix etc. Some others to recommend Lawrence of Arabia, Last Samurai, Minority Report, Black Hawk Down, LA Confidential, The English Patient, Manhunter, Nikita (French original)

    More light hearted The Sure Thing, Strictly Ballroom, Animal House, Notting Hill, Amelie, Chocolat. Taxi is great (the French original not US remake).

    If you're into some classic stuff how about the Thing, Dark Star (weird), Precinct 13 (original), Italian Job

    Monsters Inc -great cartoon


    ] contains info on virtually every film and TV … ] contains info on virtually every film and TV programme ever made, essential if you're at all into films.

    And its owned my Amazon.

    Watched these last week , in order of preference but all very good films.

    The Prestige
    Blood Diamond

    And this week i shall be watching

    The Departed
    Hotel Rwanda
    and Children of Men

    Really looking forward to watching these as they all get superb reviews. Loads of really good films out at the minute.

    Spoilt for choice. :thumbsup:

    Godfather Trilogy
    The Matrix
    V for Vendetta
    Saving Private Ryan
    Ong Bak


    And its owned my Amazon.

    You're bloody joking! No way, how's that for a bit of trivia:thumbsup:

    There are a hell of a lot of good recommendations above. My biggest objection though would be Nacho Libre. What a waste of time that is. Nothing against Jack Black but that is one bad film. Memento and Sin City are probably the greatest must see's on the list.

    What about Die Hard still a film I watch quite often Face Off watched Black Hawk Down for the first time the other day enjoyed that. Bevely Hills Cop and Team America very funny film from makers of South Park

    You've gotta watch Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy, followed by Dodgeball. Two of the funniest films in years ......:thumbsup:

    theres something about mary...

    yup anchorman...and Talladega nights is great too

    Anything directed by Tarantino
    The Monty Python Films
    Donnie Darko
    The Butterfly Effect
    Requiem for a Dream
    Lucky Number Slevin
    Fight Club

    The Shawshank Redemption
    We were soldiers
    Good Will Hunting
    US Marshalls
    Enemy of the state

    City of God
    La Haine
    Top Gun
    The Godfather
    Usual Suspect
    Fight Club


    Anything directed by Tarantino


    Almost famous,
    The Notebook,
    What dreams may come
    Office Space,
    The Shining
    Big Fish
    Drop Dead Fred,
    The Lost Boys
    Nightmare On Elm Street Series,
    Thelma and Louise,
    A Beautiful Mind
    Minority Report
    Schindler's List
    Good Fellas

    I remember last year Film4 did a '50 movies to see before you die' show and this was the list.. >]HERE

    10 good films:
    The Prestige
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Usual Suspects
    American Beauty
    Big Fish
    Event Horizon
    Fight Club

    i have just watched a film on channel five called 'the castle'
    Absolutely fantastic film! I just hope i can find it on DVD somewhere
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