name some GOOD horror films?

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Found 3rd Dec 2009
looking for some good horror films to watch, any recommendations?


The Strangers
Paranormal Activity


Paranormal Activity

Agreed, i love it.


Agreed, i love it.

i loved it although i wasn't scared once.

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yeah ive seen it, really good film.

have to disagree, paranormal activity is awful

the orphanage is a good one to watch

here's a good one, not released yet though ]http//ww…ay-

The Grudge
Another vote from me for Paranormal Activity

The serpent and the rainbow

I was not thinking Orphan was going to be rubbish, but was pleasantly surprised when i watched it

The Orphan is so good.

let the right one in
30 days of night
the thing

halloween original
texas chainsaw massacre
night of the living dead
house on haunted hill
friday 13th


is that in spanish?

yeah spanish horror, still brilliant film, subtitles don't ruin it at all

I can't think of any right now but I love it when a girl gets scared and they grab you as hard as possible for security.

Saw Films
Silent Hill
The Orphan

drag me to hell has a fair few jumpy moments in it

The Thing (80's version).
The Descent.
Halloween (Original).
Silence of The Lambs.
Hills have eyes (remake).
Texas Chainsaw massacre (remake).
Jeepers Creepers.
The Grudge.


The serpent and the rainbow

One of a very few films that truly scared me!!:?

I thought The Strangers, The Grudge and Drag Me To Hell were a bit rubbish.

However I would recommend:
30 Days Of Night (VERY jumpy)
Let The Right One In (if you don't mind subtitles which you shouldn't)
Last House On The Left (one scene was a bit too graphic for my liking however but good revenge flick)
The Descent
Jeepers Creepers (not so much the sequel tho which I found was more funny than scary!)
Saw 1

Oh and The Children is worth a look! Might put you off having kids though or look at your own in a different way :-D

The Ring


The Ring

The japanese original is the best one though in my opinion.

The uninvited

evil dead 1 and 2

My ex :thumbsup:

Killer Klowns from outer space

Dog Soldiers:-D

Never found a film that's scared me yet.

The Orphanage is the one that comes closest though.



Think I'm gonna have to have a look at this one then :)Yeah doubt I could … Think I'm gonna have to have a look at this one then :)Yeah doubt I could watch a whole film with subtitles though

I said it first about "Orphan" lol, your enjoy it come back and tell us what you think


The Descent

worst - paranormal activity - hilarious how bad it is

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