Found 10th Jun 2011
Need some help from the people of misc....

I recently (4-6 weeks) ago saw a film on Sky, cant for the life of me remember the name of it...

Theres nobody really famous in it so can do the good old google searches for it...

Basically its about peoples fears...theres a woman with a huge birth mark on one side of her body and she attempts to clean it off in a bath full of bleach....

Another woman in the film doesnt eat meat but she is locked in a warm room and left to eat a peice which she puts off for days until she finally gives in and eats the rotten meat...

A bit vague I know but anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.....


Is it Dread?

Ooooo I watched this, it was a Clive Barker film. That meat bit at the end almost made me gag.

Original Poster

Thats the one....cheers guys


Missed this. Will add to download list years.
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