name that p2p stream site....

    Hello everyone,

    Not sure if anyone can help but I'm looking for the name/link of a site that has links to live football matches in flash streams rather than sopcast/tvants links. There was a site but I can't remember the name/link. All I can remember that it had p2p in the link, think it might be a .net. Can't remember and it's really bugging. I found that the site has had links to and ustream streams which were quite good, but if I were to go direct to those pages they wern't there. Hope this makes sense.

    Any help is appreciated, just helping a friend out who wants to watch the tottenham/arsenal game tomorrow.



    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure it was p2p4u. Looking forward to the game tomorrow, COME ON YOU SPURSSSSSSSS!!!
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