Name that tune... and I dont have much info...

About november last year i was driving home at night and heard a song on the radio, i believe it was new. It had no music from what i can remember. Just a guy singing, deep voice, kinda country music i think, slow.

No idea what it was but would like to hear it again lol.

Anyone know this???????????

Anyone who does gets a big wet kiss... or some rep lol


So all we got to go on is:

Its a Song
With a singer
And its slow

That narrows it down to about 5000000 songs :thumbsup:

erm, no cant seem to ........................

no sorry its gone.

It will be Gary Stewart :thumbsup:

what radio station?

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It had no background music, that narrows it down to about 1% of songs

Central FM i think it was on.

I dont really expect anyone to pop it out with an answer... but I never know unless i ask.

Its not a song if there's no music!

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Its not a song if there's no music!

Guy singing... its words that he makes into a melody. I call that a song.


Its not a song if there's no music!…RDA :thumbsup:


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rehydrated;4819977 :thumbsup:acapella

Hey thats pretty good lol
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