name this film

the only scene i remember in a car with a burger, a black dude and a white guy and the black dude talks about howin france a big mac is called a quarter pounder supreme / royale or something. i really dont remember but if you know the film you'll probably know what im talking about. its well known i just cant think of the name of it.


Pulp fiction !!…iZw
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I think it's Pulp Fiction? But not too sure

how could you not remember pulp fiction =O

def pulp fiction

It's pulp......

classic !

hate that scene!


blue royale with cheese - le big mac


star wars the hunger strikes back

Royaaaaaaaaaaaaale with Cheeeeeeeeeese

Officer 1: "Hey, I went to a 'McDonalds' in Chelbyville the other day"
Wiggum: "A Mc-what?"
Officer 1: "A McDonalds"
Officer 2: "Never heard of it"
Officer 1: "Apparently they have 2000 locations in this state alone"
Officer 2: "Must of sprung up overnight"
Wiggum: "Do they have Krusty Burgers with Cheese"
Officer 1: "Yeah, but they call it a Quarter pounder with cheese"
Wiggum "I can picture the chesse...well, do they sell 'Krusty frosted partially-galatulated gum based beverages'?
Officer 1: "Yeah, they call them 'Shakes"
Officer 2: "Uh"

This is sacrilege to me but then again Pulp Fiction is my all time fave film.

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thanks everyone, can't beleive i forgot the name
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