name this song

    right i done it before and its time again, i heard this on the radio today and as usual they didnt tell you the name of the song.
    its a female singer,
    sounds a bit like rihanna,
    there is a noise in the background like a fairground siren going up then down
    she is singing wo-ah,wo-ah
    she is more like talking than singing
    one time she says the word situation but she says it very slowly and breaks it down sit u a tion
    and she also says line line line
    thank you


    i dont think it is actually.. thats quite an old song lol


    Is it "Free Willy"?

    I luv the old dear in that advert.

    Well, not actually luv but yanno.

    i would have thought s/he would have remembered the gunshot souds if it was MIA?

    Rudenko - Everybody>? only new thing i can think of?

    I think i'm drunk - I thought the post title was

    Name this SNOG!

    Is it The Saturdays - UP?

    the only song that I can think of! has something similiar to a fairground background noise, and uses the line ' life is better on the line, eye, eye' but nothing of situation! but does say wo-ah a few times!

    Hope this helps!

    alrite mate its dave from newcastle

    is it ameobi like?



    there is also a line in there when she says under my spotlight or under … there is also a line in there when she says under my spotlight or under your spotlight.Is it not the 2 songs above…xzI ??

    Britney Spears - Circus??

    think it is rhianna featuring on the Ti track, Live your life


    i am actually waiting for the OP to respond cuz its doing my nut to lol

    Could it be Poker Face - Lady Gaga or Just Dance by her?
    If you know what radio station it was they sometimes give a playlist.
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