Name your favourite family party anthem tunes please for BBQ

    Having a family BBQ for 40+ people next week for people aged 2-92 so could do with some pointers as to all time classics that make people smile / dance / laugh.

    All I have so far is:-

    In the navy - ymca

    dancing queen - abba

    (no homo) lol


    iron maiden - bring your daughter to the slaughter


    dont know about the music(ok if you are gay)no homo csiman...
    but i always find chucking a couple of ole tory boys on the barbie livens up the place!:thumbsup:

    Don't make waves - The Nolans


    re light my fire.............. some boy band and lulu

    I think i've just dug out some old photo's of last year's barbie round at csi's. Hope this years as good. Are leather caps and false moustaches compulsory? p.s that's csi in the second'd never have thought they were like that would you? Does a mean sausage though :whistling:

    Baltimora: Tarzan Boy :oops:

    The Lion sleeps Tonight.......Tight Fit :thumbsup:

    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters

    Eat It - Weird Al Yankovic

    or this…tyY

    'We are family' - Sister sledge !!!

    i am the music man good for a laugh

    More importantly, I don't seem to have received my invite yet???


    Thread closed as requested.

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