Found 18th May 2010
hi, hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. just had my on weighed and he's now well over his size 1 nappies (though the asda brand size 1's still fit fine?!?)
he weighs 12lb9oz. so my question is do i get size 2 or 3. anddo i get super dry or natural fit? i dont know what the diference is if im honest .
thanks in advance

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the nappies have the weights on the packs

I guess this depends on the brand. My son found the Pampers one slightly bigger than the Huggies one. Then again all babies are different.
Best to go up to size 2 as danger of leakage if the nappies are too big

Use the smallest size thats comfortable and gives adequate protection as the smaller the size the more nappies pr pack.
Personally i found pampers best up until size 4/5 when he got super mobile and climbing etc. But now i prefer huggies and MILhas always lovedtesco's own pull ups.

What i will say is whe you finda fab ofer on ones you do like stock up as much as you can afford , remembingnot too much on any one size. I done this ,nly buying nppiesthen if i had coupons to use up. My LO almost 2.5 and ive nearly run out of nappies fo first tie ever and im down to 12 packets of wipes.

Been lush never having to worry if i hdenough to last until we went shopping
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