Found 16th Dec 2009
My work have currently got a server running xp. Its only used as a file server and keeps telling us there is more than 10 connections. I have suggested adding a NAS box and using that to store our files.

The one we've seen that I think would suit our needs is the LG N2R1DD1/2. Can anybody tell me how many computers in our network could map this drive and connect to it at one time. I.e windows xp will only allow 10 so how many would this.

Thanks in advance for any help

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get a Netgear ReadyNAS

Most of the true NAS boxes are based on modified Linux or UNIX kernels which don't usually have the same restrictions as XP. I'd recommend Thecus boxes. Not cheap but you only get what you pay for with NAS. Insight sell them.…y=0

Go for something like an N4100 and you will be able to set up RAID5, which will give you added protection against single disk failure. With the N5200Pro you can even get RAID 6 (2 redundant disks). With the Thecus professional boxes you buy the disks separately. Not a cheap option but they are quick and do support gigabit ethernet.

If you want a really big device look at the N7700. You can get 7 drives in that. If you got 7x 1.5TB drives and used it in RAID 6 mode you would still have over 7 Terabytes of storage in a single box!

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Thanks for the suggestions so far back to work tomorrow so will mention them to the boss. Got FreeNas running on an old laptop of mine atm to test using our software on it and it's throwing problems at me! Anybody used a nasbox to store a ms access mdb that is used as the backend to mde frontends? The backend is on the nasbox and frontend on the client. Atm its not loading the logon forms and when you just go to main menu form it gives errors saying the objects do not exist. Has anybody ever done this before?

Bought a Netgear ReadyNas NVX Thanks again for the help!
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