Nas Noob! First setup! WD my Cloud home Vs synology Nas

Posted 10th Mar 2022
Is the WD myCloud home a good Nas option ? I’m a total noob don’t want to make mistakes early on !! Hoping there is some experts / experienced users here ?…ied

You don’t have access to the drive, seems ok at 65£ for a 2Tb Nas ?

I just need it to stream media / movies to the main Tv & would be nice to have access to files remotely and backup my laptop. Only problem with The myCloud home is it doesn’t allow a backup for the drive, bit scary, guess I could back it up to my OneDrive on the cloud ?

The other option is to pay about 150-200 for a basic synology Nas & buy a couple of 1Tb hard drives ? Or 2Tb?
Can it be a standard drive or it has to be NAS specific like the WD Red ?
Does the basic synology model/s allow for SSD use ?

Total noob, first NAS setup.
Seems like plex is built into the myCloud home allowing for free usage but with synology a Paid pass is required ?

I have a 5g wireless router, it’s the one from three, unlocked get about
350 mbps / 500mbps downloads very fast. Got one port free.

What would you guys go for if you have tried both ?(:I
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