NAS / Print server

    I've been wanting a NAS solution to backup the family's computers too for a while now, but any that come up seem to attract a whole lot of negatives.

    My needs:-

    500GB or so
    Print server capability
    USB port for backup / expansion
    £100 (ish) max

    My wants:-
    RAID1 (may pay extra / reduce HD space to accomodate this one)
    FTP or similar access from anywhere
    BT client
    Web server

    My don't cares
    Media server (nothing to serve it too!)

    Am happy to do some work modding / flashing devices for additional functionality. I'd also consider 2nd hand devices if anyone has any on offer.

    Would be interested in FreeNAS, but am not sure this actually gains me anything. Why not just leave my main PC on?

    Any thoughts / help on this?

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