NAS with Remote Web Torrent Access

    Hello All

    I have searched before I posted and have spent along time lookin into this.
    I am looking at buying a NAS infact I already bought one (Rapidsonic ICYbox) but I find out it was not compatible with my two 1TB WD Green HD's.

    I have been looking at many NAS's like this one: as they interface looks very good…php

    I want as many features as possbile really the main one being I want it to have an inbuilt torrent server that I can access from a web browser remotely.
    My old ICYBOX had mldonkey on it with a web browser but this was local only I could not access it remoetly.

    I need to know which NAS's have this feature
    (Update there is stuff like but im not sure if it allows external web access and which devices support it)
    Thanks in Advance

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