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    Hi Guys,

    I managed to network my original Xbox which is running XBMC to my laptop which is running windows 7 over the weekend, Yeah!

    I am looking to create a dedicated storage device to access music, films, etc and wanted your advice. I am thinking of buying either a NAS storage device (net gear or something) or a 2nd hand tower unit and installing either windows xp or free NAS software (which I have only briefly looked at).

    Could you confirm what would be the easiest and best solution? I am thinking with the NAS storage device you’re limited by bays and it can be quite expensive.

    How will tower unit display the hard drives in windows XP? And will the Xbox see more than one drive t? Can you have more than one sharing folder on more than one hard drive in XP?

    Does the NAS software display all the hard drives as one big storage unit?

    I am really sorry for all the questions, I don’t want to take on something more than I can handle. lol


    Microsoft do provide a NAS / Home server solution called Windows Home Server.

    You do have to buy it of course, and they have a new version coming out any day now.

    You can download a Release Candidate of the next version of Windows Home Server here…ver

    xp will share folders with xbmc fine using smb
    upnp sharing works too but is buggy so best to use smb…298

    Original Poster

    Thaks for your advice guys
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