National express

    I just wanted to ask if someone has ever used the coaches to travel from leeds to london or anywhere else for more than 4 hours. How comfortable are the buses(are the seat pitch like in trains?), how clean are the toilets, or should I 'invest' some pounds more and take rather the train?

    Thanks for any advice


    ive travelled london to newcastle, i didnt find the seats too bad myself, wouldn t recommend the toilets though!go before you get on the coach! So much cheaper than a train, but then im quite patient so i dont mind that it takes longer

    if you book in advance you can get £10 single fare leeds to london on the train. i use NX everyday to travel to and from work (Leeds/Manchester) but I wouldn't do it to London!! Train for me all the way!

    been from london-:>Blackpool (changing at Birmingham) and was not very nice,, would have much rather been on a train.

    personally I would prefer train. Did quite a lot in National Express coaches while being a student. Unless I take a nap, always felt nausea kind of feeling. Especially in winter when they turn those heaters on. Usually I don't have coach sickness when travelled to other countries.

    ive been leicester to plymouth before on the bus and it didnt bother me comfort wise, time it took got to me tho, if yr booking well in advance i'd go for the train, i just booked tickets at the end of nov early dec between london and leicester for £7 each way so well worth it esp as it takes just over an hour compared to up to 3 on a coach

    Money makes the merry go round!!!
    Know people who travel just over 250 miles via plane..........It's all about money ££££!!
    If you can spare few extra hours, take the bus and utilize extra cash at any pub near London Victoria.

    Coaches suck, trains rock and are a lot faster. Took a coach from Bristol to Leeds, changing at Birmingham......ugh!!! Never again, was like that scene in Adventures In Babysitting when the girl loses her glasses and thinks a rat she's stroking is a dog…iOY

    if you give us dates/times and a budget then Im sure we can find you summit suitable? :thumbsup:

    Erm, thats about a hotdog seller!


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