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National homebuyers - reputable? EDITED TO SAY SCAM, DON'T BOTHER!

Posted 17th Jun 2013
I filled in the web form for national homebuyers who guarantee they will buy your home off you and do it fast, but I stopped when I found out they wanted £250 for the valuation.

However they have since sent me a letter saying they have reduced this fee to £49 so I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using they or know if its a bit of a scam (for example you pay £49 but they only offer you an amount a lot lower than your homes value)

Is it worth a try?

EDITED TO ADD: they have now sent me another letter saying they will value our house for free! Its obviously just a money making scam.
I have phoned around other companies who offer the same service and basically they ask you the current market value of your home and offer 15-20% below this. There is no genuine valuation.
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