National insurance number at 14 ?

Found 16th Aug 2008
My daughter has two jobs,she has just recieved a tax coding from Inland Revenue.
It list her NI number and a 543l tax code.
Two questions
1) should she get her NI number so early?
2) Should she have a tax code?

Will ring them on Monday but any guidance would be helpful
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i thoguht you all got your national insurance at 16 thats when i got mine
That seems a bit early. If you have claimed child benefit for her that will automatically create a NI number when she is 16. Because she has began working and the company obviously pays her through the IR they will just have generated her NI early. The tax code is just standard but with her being 14 and working only part time she will not earn £5430 over the course of the tax year and so will not pay any tax.
Does that make sense? I've just read it back lol

Does that make sense? I've just read it back lol

It makes sense, Thanks
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