National Lottery Euromillions have increased cashback to £6

Money for nothing in my eyes. £50m Tonight!!


I am a member of quidco but never ever have used it. If I followed the link on the quidco site and do whatever it is i have to do to gain cashback (i.e. buy my first lottery euromillions ticket) then do I need to do anything else, or how do I log that I have done what I need to?

this is euromillions which dont think the other post is - tonight is a rollover so worth 4 free goes at 50million methinks !!!

And quidco should all be automatic - you click through from the site and it uses cookies to track your purchase.

Nope, that's it. It's all cleverly tracked by cookies from your web browser!
I think you have to deposit min. £5 in your lottery account though.
Do that and it should track fine

This definetly tracks? and i think it just went up today, was £3 yesterday (i think)

[QUOTE=starsparkle2311;4005706]There is however a £5 membership fee that they deduct:thumbsup:

Ahhh theres always a catch!


[QUOTE=louis08;4005759]yeh, but if you remember to use quidco everytime you … [QUOTE=louis08;4005759]yeh, but if you remember to use quidco everytime you buy online, it works out ok:thumbsup:

Do I have to pay the membership fees before I can get anything tracked as I already bought a ticket online using the Quidco link and I have gone back to Quidco and it says no transactions tracked-does it take a while to load or is it because I havent paid them?

will this count even if you have already got quidco for opening an account to play lotto or is it separate?
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