National Trust - 3 months Free Membership + 40% cash back from Topcashback !

Found 14th Sep 2009
Special offer - join online today and you'll receive 12 months' membership for the price of nine when you pay by Direct Debit. Plus, join online today and receive a free pair of National Trust binoculars.

joint membership now £59 and then 40% cash back but remember cash back isnt guaranteed, if my maths is correct this makes it a better deal than the £20 quidco cash back of a while back

individual £35 and then cash back…htm


Good spot eslick...amended the title a wee bit.


Moved to Misc as this is about topcashback rather than a specific deal

Andy chickened out


Andy chickened out

And deleted my comment...


Reported him


And deleted my

Andy was right as the OP projected this as a Topcashbackoffer whereas this is an offer directly from National Trust. 40% cashback from Topcashback is a sweetner. OP now amended to reflect the deal correctly


And deleted my him

Just because you qouted him :whistling:

I signed up to this in person and cost me £21.50.

There seem to be some confusion... Andy was right

andy's comment is back and Emasu comment is now deleted

conspiracy much ?

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why cant it be a deal its 3 months free

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hi andy just PM you, there are other deals for this in the past with quidco in the deals section why cant this be there anything that helps a charity is a good deal

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think I am going to give up on Hotukdeals, posted this yesterday and after speaking to Andy it was agreed that it could be a deal but after reposting it its disappeared. seems that hotuk dont like topcash back but like other cash back sites, dont just understand it.
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